Score Range

Account Verification

It is a 3 digit number ranging from 300-900, 900 being the topmost score. A score above 600 is considered acceptable

Determine Loan Eligibility

Data Enrichment

The scoring algorithm provides the loan amount eligibility which can be used to take fast credit decision.

Credit Risk Profile

Data Insight

A Credit Risk Profile Report provides a comprehensive view of customer's financial picture. The report contains insights on customer's spending capability, real time tradeline history including balance history, balance transfers and defualt behaviour pattern, if any.


Data Enrichment

Leverage our data enrichment platform that provides you the most accurate insights to get ahead of your competitors. Enhanced geolocation, merchant, and category information helps you derive accurate insight on your customer data

Easy Integration

Our intuitive API makes it easy to get things up, running and then continue scaling. Try our API calls, without writing any code to review the data we provide.

Unparalleled Data Sources

We enable you to gather data in a number of different ways depending on your use case and your customer segment. We provide a uniform, clarified and contextualized data, making it easy to derive insight.



Integrate with our widget

Our easy to use integration guide will help you integrate our widget into your customer journey to handle gathering of data


You can customize our white labelled widget to provide a seamless user experience to you customers

Fetch insight

Our streamlined APIs help you verify the ownership of the account, manage risk with fraud detection and instantly provide credit decisions using meaningful insight