To make smart credit decisions, lenders require insight into customer data. However the process of gathering holistic financial data of customers is very cumbersome for lenders and creates significant work for customers. Lenders lack reliable insight to evaluate segments such as new to credit and thin-file customers


FinBit provides a easy way for customers to provide their financial data. This data is then enriched through categorization making it easy for lenders to derive insight. FinBit also provides a credit insight solution that lenders can leverage to provide instant credit decisions.


Instant Verification

A safe, secure, and quick way to instantly verify and connect accounts with reduced risk

Credit Insight

FinBit derives insight from customer financial data which can be used to provide instant credit decision

Wide coverage

Customized insight which helps you score even niche segments such as new to credit and thin file customers



Select a Financial Institution

Consumers can select their financial insitution from the popular sites list or by searching based on a keyword

Verify Login Information

Consumers can provide the site login credentials. If required consumers are asked to provide additional authentication input.

Viewing Accounts

The details of accounts gathered are displayed. Consumers may choose to add other accounts.